Already creating the next club anthem at your home studio but need a killer chord progression or melody?

Music Composition is often key to a successful production. - Many genre's rely on the fundamentals of music theory to be a big hit and music theory is a complex subject that can take many years to master well. If you have already produced a track, or need a starting point to go from, we can provide writing, in the way of music composition, chords or melodies for your project.

We can supply you original, custom made Audio and Midi, for you to import into your own sequencer at your own home or studio, and build it into your own project, or even use it as a starting point for your own projects.

We offer this service as a flat fee, where the rights are signed over to you, resulting in you retaining all of the writers share and credits from whatever you then go on to do with the production.

Prices vary from project to project, please contact us.