• Meet your Engineer: Barry Diston

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I’m not usually one for biggin’ myself up, so here’s the one and only time i will actually blow my own trumpet. This is page is all about me……

As a musician that has now produced and engineered music landing on just about every major record label in the world. Who is Barry Diston anyway? - Perhaps One of the biggest names you have never heard of?

Here at Fidget Studios we give our clients an environment to really grow and experiment in order to find that sound that matches exactly what they are looking for, as well as what the public wants. This is a delicate balance that only master producers can find.

Barry is one of those producers. Some of the labels who have released music Barry has Produced or Engineered include Sony BMG, Universal, Ministry of Sound and Spinnin' Records. He is now opening the doors of his own studio to artists.

So whats the story?

Barry’s Artist career started in the early 2000’s which rapidly saw him play worldwide to huge main room audiences.
After starting a weekly club event, Barry then went on to launch several record labels, under the fidget name as an outlet for his productions. He then took this one stage further by playing his music completely live, by taking the studio out on stage. - This was more than triggering sounds though, as full complex lead riffs were being playing live using classic analogue synth hardware.

As Barry’s music production skills gathered global interest, the demand for Barry’s writing, production and sound engineering talent became highly in demand. - Over the last decade, Barry has been focusing on working for other music artists helping them achieve their own goals, whilst taking a back seat in the artist world.

Where he once found his excitement from the stage he now finds it in the faces and energy of the studio through others. Barry prides himself on being very easy to work with, yet extremely focused on the goals of the session. He is not there to fool around and rack up your studio hours, he is there to get your music sounding perfect and get you closer towards living your own dream...As he is now living his.

By engineering across the music spectrum, the diversity in Barry’s production is a big advantage in that it is possible for Barry to create unique sounds and styles that are artist specific, rather than studio specific. After all, no artist would want a track produced by a studio that sounds like someone else’s they had done the week before, Right?

Today, Barry continues to work for artists across the globe both remotely and in person from his dance music production studio which is accessible worldwide.

Samples of Recent Productions....