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  • How do I book a studio session? +

    You can check our availability and book online. Or Simply call, or email us. Our reception line is 24hrs. 024 7658 1133
  • How much does the studio cost to hire? +

    Our pricing is available on our Bookings Page
  • I have an idea for a track, but i don't have an understanding of music theory. +

    Don't worry, help is at hand. By simply humming  or tapping , you can convey your ideas across to the studio engineer who will be able to transform the ideas you have into a musical production. It's also a good idea to bring with you any current music that you like the sounds of, as this can be used as a basis to create new sounds that are along a similar vibe or feel.
  • I have some ideas, but i'm not sure if they are enough. +

    Don't worry as help is at hand. Your studio engineer who is musically trained can have as much creative input as required. Whether it be additional drum patterns or full melodies and rifts to add to and compliment your original ideas.
  • I have ideas for tracks, They are dead simple, can I book 2 hours and make 2 tracks? +

    You would be wasting both your time and money with this approach to creating music. While its not impossible to achieve this, the tracks would without doubt sound rushed an unprofessional. For this reason, we do not take accept these type of bookings
  • How long does it take to produce a track? +

    There is no definate answer to this. Some people have come in and made a major release in 6 hours, whilst other people have spent a week. On average, the norm seems to be that people will spend a day putting a track together, and then spend further hours on a different day fine tuning and perfecting the mix.
  • What do I need to bring with me? +

    Any existing tracks that you like the sound of are always a good idea to use as a reference point.
  • What's green hairy and goes up and down? +

    A gooseberry in a lift
  • Are evening and weekend sessions also available? +

    Yes. Please contact us for our evening and weekend rates
  • Can I chat through my ideas before I book? +

    Of course. Just call or email, and we'll happily chat through your ideas for the day to ensure the session is well prepared and goes smoothly.
  • What credits are required? +

    During a studio session it is usual for us to make some writing input to the tracks created (helping to write riffs, bass lines, etc). For this reason we require both writing and engineering credit on marketing, packaging and digital ID tags for the track, as is standard within the industry. This does not effect your ability to release or promote the track with your name as the artist. Engineering-only studio time can be booked but would be appropriate only for the most experienced producers. We will also register a credit with PPL as follows: "Studio Programmer: Barry Diston" The Fidget Studio can also provide a wholly discreet and confidential White Label Service where you will get all writing and engineering credit. Prices for this must be agreed per booking.
  • Can I remove the engineers credit from my release? +

    We offer a white-label service for an additional fee. This will allow you to remove the engineers credit from your music release, and all trace-back to the Fidget Studio. All details of your projects here will be kept strictly confidential. Please state at time of booking if this service is required.
  • What happens to the project files after the session? +

    If you have added our cloud storage option to your booking, your project files and masters will be backed up online, and available for instant download via download link for 12 months following your booking. This service costs £5 Otherwise, please bring with you a hard drive or memory stick, and remember to keep your files safe
  • Is mastering including in the day rate? +

    Yes, as long as you allow time for this within your session. The mixing can be done as your project takes shape, but please allow at least 30 minutes before the end of your session for mastering. Alternatively, the mastering can be booked on a seperate session if required.
  • I want to add vocals to my production, will this take longer? +

  • How much extra time would it take to record vocals to my track? +

    This depends on a few things such as, how advanced and prepared the vocalist is. The norm seems to be that vocal recording takes between 2-3 hours, although, some have recorded in less time, and some vocalists do take longer. It's advisable to also allow time for vocal processing. Tuning, compression, reverb, delay, double tracks, stereo adlibs etc are all tricks & processes that can be applied to get the best out of your recording and it is recommended to allow an hour or two to get the very best production out of a vocal recording.
  • My session has ended and I need an extra hour, is this possible? +

    This depends on other bookings already on that day, but we will be happy to help where possible. Additional studio time can be arranged at an hourly rate. 
  • Will Barry be taking calls on his mobile while I am paying for studio time? +

    No ! We understand that this is the biggest single complaint about studios and their engineers. The time you book, is yours, and should not be interrupted by other personal or business calls to the engineer. We have a seperate reception team, available 24/7 who are able to handle all calls while your studio session is in progress, and Charlie, who you may have already spoken to, is always on hand to assist any callers too. The only call that could happen to the studio would be from Charlie herself, should there be an emergency or anything else that requires urgent attention.
  • Can I use my phone in the studio? +

    Yes, of course ! - It will not interfere with any of the equipment. - The live room is completely sound proofed from the control room also, so there's no worry about ringtones being picked up in the recording room, or anywhere else.
  • I noticed you engineered a track for "x" Please could I have a copy of their acapella? +

    No. Other Clients projects and recordings belong to them. - It would be unprofessional of us to share files that are owned by somebody else. Not only that, it would also ruin our solid reputation overnight if we were to do such a thing.
  • Do you know any good session Vocalists? +

    Yes ! We have a few session vocalists that we can book or put you in touch with . Please speak to Charlie for Further details if you require a vocalist.
  • Can you make "x" artist sign this contract as they arrive? +

    We are more than happy to print contracts sent here for artists, however, contracts between labels / management and their artists are exactly that, and we will not accept responsibility for any agreements, or their signings between any third parties.
  • Would you be happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement? +

    Sure. We understand that some artists may want to keep certain details hidden. Clients we ghost write for are an example. Where applicable, and subject to all parties being happy with the contract wording, we are happy to sign non disclosure agreements.
  • What are writers credits? +

    Writers credits are an acknowledgement of people who have played a part in writing a piece of music. The writers on a track are usually registered with one of the performing rights organisations, such as PRS or ASCAP. This is usually different to the artist of the track. Here is an example to explain. The song "I Gotta Feeling" is by the artist "The Black Eyed Peas" If this was your project produced here at the studio, - You would put your name or alias as the artist name. If you were to look up the full credits of the track here: http://www.discogs.com/Black-Eyed-Peas-The-I-Gotta-Feeling/release/1896104 You'll see that there are many other names in the credits section who played a part in writing the track. - They are: Allan Pineda, David Guetta, Frederick Riesterer*, Jaime Gomez, Stacy Ferguson, William Adams* We ask, as is standard in the industry, is that if we are writing parts, chords, or melodies, including vocals, that you include us in this part of the credits, along with your own name too. This doesn't affect you releasing the track under your own name as the artist. If you are unsure as to how this works, please contact us. We are more than happy to explain further.
  • I have the lyrics, melody and some music ideas but need some help getting them to a radio ready standard. how does it work with rights etc if the engineer has input into the songs? +

    With rights, - We can provide as much input as needed. - If you already have the song, chords, and lead melodies, then the composition (publishing) rights remain 100% yours, The only credits we would require are : "Engineered / Produced by, Barry Diston @ Fidget Studios" and we would register a separate credit with PPL as "Studio Programmer: Barry Diston" The song / track is still your song, and you release it under your own name with 100% publishing rights. If you need help with composition, we would also require a writers credit to be registered with PRS along with yourself
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